Evening fire at Ledges Camp, Grand Canyon April 2011

Whitewater Campsites - Resources for Planning Rafting Trips

March 9, 2017 - Yes, I am aware that this site is totally broken; no campsite photos are visible. Last fall, my site hosting company moved it to a different server and totally screwed it up. Something in how PHP is installed and configured. I can't fix it - this old site is toast. I've been working on a new, far more helpful version that I'll launch ASAP. So please check back later. Sorry, Will

Here you'll find photos of most of the campsites on more than 30 whitewater rivers and other resources to help you plan your rafting trips. See the About page for the story of how this website got started. This great resource has been made possible by the generous contributions of these fellow river runners who have helped me assemble this site for all of us to enjoy.

Have fun, and SYOTR!

Will Hansen


Check out my other website RaftingTheWest.com to see more photos of many of these rivers and to check out all the rapids and campsites in Google Earth 3D.

To View The Campsites

Select a river from the list at the left to see the list of campsites on that river. Each campsite has its own photo album. Then just click on any campsite name to see photos in that campsite's album. Click on any thumbnail to see a larger picture. Click on that larger picture to see the original, full-resolution photograph.

Campsite names are prefixed by the river mile so they appear in the order you encounter them on rafting trips.

Also, each river has separate albums containing photos of the river scenery, rapids, put-in and take-out facilities, and interesting features of the river that may influence your trip schedule or campsite selection. These special albums are located at the bottom of each river's campsite list.

Other Features

  • Many of the major permit rivers require that you reserve campsites. So you must plan ahead for which campsites you want, and consider daily mileages you intend to float each day as you choose your campsites. This river mileage calculator will help you do that.(requires Silverlight 2.0).

  • The Recommended Shuttles page provides links and phone numbers for the folks we use to shuttle our vehicles on various western rivers and reasons why.

  • The Rafting Trip Photos page presents collections of high-resolultion photos in DeepZoom.

  • Read about amazing river trips by your fellow river runners on the trip reports and river stories page.

  • Just like autos, rafts get hot-rodded too! Check out I pimped my raft!, a page full of cool rafts that I've come across in my river travels.

  • White water boaters get into, shall we say, interesting situations Here are a few entertaining ones.

Help Make Whitewater Campsites Better

I invite you to send photos and also make comments on the photos that are already here to help make Whitewater Campsites even better. If you have photos that show the character of white water rafting trip campsites, camping on river trips, or river scenery that you'd like to contribute to this site, just e-mail them to me at hansen@-thissite-.com. (Just substitute "whitewatercampsites" into my e-mail address in place of "-thissite-".) High resolution photos in jpg format are best, and please be sure to note the river name, the river mile, and campsite name of each photo so I know where to post each one.

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